Filter Testimonials

Water-to-Go saved us a fortune in bottled water

The Water-to-Go bottles are really good and we have used them extensively in many countries. While others are buying expensive bottled water and adding to the plastic mountain in the world we just fill up when we need to, assured that the water is fit to drink and we have never had any upset stomach problems unlike some of our travelling companions. They took us all through Africa from the South up to Namibia and Botswana with no problem. Water-to-Go saved us a fortune in bottled water and we know if we can find a source of water other than the sea then we will have a drink. I highly recommend the bottles to any traveller.

Ann Reeves

I have drunk water straight out of the Amazon River for 3 months with Water-to-Go

I have used Water-to-Go for a couple of years, particularly when I undertake a big expedition, and I must say, I cannot fault them! I have drunk water straight out of the Amazon River for 3 months using their bottles, as well as spending 9 months walking through in India topping up wherever I could find. Even the locals advised me against drinking water in some places, but I was confident that the Water-to-Go bottle would protect me. And I am pleased to say that I have returned without any water-based stomach issues! Plus, it helps save the planet as there are no single-use bottles flying about, and you save money too. Highly recommended!

Olie Hunter Smart

The Water-to-Go filter will make dirty water clean and safe to drink, no matter how exotic your next destination is

The Water-to-Go filter will make dirty water clean and safe to drink, no matter how exotic your next destination is. It’s such a luxury as it will give you the complete confidence in the provenance of your drinking water. If you’re travelling on a budget, Water-to-Go will become your best travel-mate as each filter delivers purified water at less than 5 cents per litre.


Water-to-Go helped us avoid potentially expedition-ending illness while kayaking in Angola

During our 1,300km source to sea kayaking journey along Angola\'s Kwanza River, Alfy and I used Water-to-Go bottles to drink directly from the river. We also filled up confidently at a few random fishing villages during hiking sections of the expedition. We found the Water-to-Go bottles much more reliable than the other water filtration systems we had with us, and had no gastrointestinal issues for the whole 33 day expedition. Staying healthy and hydrated was crucial when trying to kayak 70km+ per day.

Oscar Scafidi

The Water-to-Go bottles have become an essential part of our kit when on our travels!

We took our Water-to-Go bottles for a hike we did in Andorra from the summer and they were great. The Water-to-Go bottles have become an essential part of our kit when on our travels!

Frazer Waller

The Water-to-Go bottle is from now on definitely a must-item on my packing list.

During my trip to West Africa I used the Water-to-Go water bottle on all kind of water sources like wells and rivers. I am really impressed how easy it is to use and how good the water actually tastes. A few times I was in a situation where it was not possible to buy bottled water. Thanks to Water-to-Go, I could drink the water that normally only locals can drink who are used to it since young age.The water-to-go bottle is from now on definitely a must-item on my packing list.

Tim Kroeger

Water-to-Go saved us money

I wanted to say how amazing Water-to-Go bottle is! Last year I and my partner went around the world, we purchased Water to Go each. Throughout our 7 months travel in 22 countries Water-to-Go was amazing, we filled up bottles in rivers, lakes and other places. Water-to-Go saved us money because we did not need to buy a water, but most importantly we did not have to buy plastic bottles.

Anita Rudzite

The filter system allowed me to fill up in full confidence

I won my Water-to-Go bottle in a raffle at a charity quiz. This was a welcome surprise as I was leaving two days later to go backpacking around a 35 degree Italy. Although all the accommodations I stayed in offered clean water, the filter system allowed me to fill up in full confidence. The bottles were particularly useful when walking around more rural areas as well as using them as palette cleanser in between Tuscan wineries! Shortly after I took the bottles to Glastonbury where they came in as an absolute life saver when queuing for 5 hours on the hottest day of the year to get in to the festival. I would definitively recommend these bottles, they are easy to use, the filter system allows travellers to fill up whilst knowing the water they are drinking is safe and most importantly carrying the bottles around means reducing the use of plastic by not buying bottled water from shops.

Huw Middleton

The filtered system of Water-to-Go was a complete blessing

Nine days treking to the Roof of the World in Nepal was always going to be tough - and it was. On social media I said - “sunburn in the morning, a drenching in the afternoon, questionable sanitation and more privations than you could shake a stick at”. Bottled water was out of the question - not a shop in sight - so it was water from wells and streams and the filtered system of Water-to-Go was a complete blessing. Neither of us had stomach upsets and with the heat it was so useful. Thanks guys - it got us around and we got there and back without incident. And the memory of dawn over the Annapurna Ridge will stay with me for ever.

Russell Hobbs

Water-to-Go kept our family safe around the world, and helped us to reduce plastic waste.

After spending a year backpacking around Asia with our kids, we wouldn’t travel without Water-to-Go bottles again. Trekking in the Himalayas was made so much easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly but using these water filter bottles. We could fill up from streams, rivers, hosepipes and taps in Nepal and all over Asia without worrying about our health. We used them in every country we visited, from staying hydrated in the jungle to cleaning our teeth in hotels. They work out cheaper than buying bottled water and we didn’t add to the mountains of plastic waste we saw throughout Asia. Good work, Water-to-Go!

Sian Hostad

After taking Water-to-Go on a full loop of the world we swear by them!

We drove through 46 countries, 5 Sea Crossings, 7 Mountain Ranges across 4 continents and we had the tinyest budget, so Water-to-Go were invaluable to us! After taking Water-to-Go on a full loop of the world we swear by them! Being on the road allowed us to fill up large containers of almost any water source and this allowed us to venture out into the deserts of Kazakhstan and the jungles of Belize. For over a year now we have been relying on these bottles as a key piece of kit and they have helped us prevent illness across the globe. After witnessing some of the most horrifying sights of plastic waste around the world we were really enthused to be using such a resourceful product in some of the most remote places.

Global Convoy

We avoided lots of single use plastic bottles and saved money too.

What if you are traveling through areas where they don´t have safe tap water, or you are hiking a longer trail? A friend of mine recommended Water-To-Go and I bought two bottles. While hiking in Canada we refilled our bottles for the first time in lakes and waterfalls, and it was awesome. We also stayed at a hotel with a little yellowish looking tap water, so we used our bottles there too. Our backpack was lighter because we didn´t need all the heavy water bottles to carry with us. No panicking if we will find enough water on the road trip. We avoided lots of single use plastic bottles and saved money too. And how awesome is it to drink fresh water from a waterfall ;) ! Win Win Win I would say!

Jule Eisendick

I love my Water-to-Go bottle

I love my Water-to-Go bottle. There is a picture of the bottle and a butterfly there. It was not actually a picture of the bottle, but of the butterfly that came to me! Here in Norway you do not find butterflies 2300 meters high! I really had good use of my Water-to-Go bottle hiking in France this summer. This is from a place near Saint Martin de Vesubie in the French alps. I was in the mountains for several days, and it was so nice not having to carry all that water! I found water here and there and could safely drink it, thanks to my Water-to-Go bottle. Genius!

Arild Korsnes

What could be better for us and the environment

What could be better for us (reliable drinking water) and for the environment. We are very pleased with our Water-to-Go bottles knowing we are reducing the amount of plastic in the environment by removing the need to use at least 50+ plastic bottles on our trip.

Geoff and Rachel Thompson

Sustainability and Responsibility

For me, my bottle is more then just a bottle, it stands for a lifestyle and for personality. The Water-to-Go bottles have a simple and sporty design and is the ideal bottle for traveling. I think the opportunity to fill up your bottle everywhere makes life so much easier. For me, sustainability and responsibility for our planet are very important and because of that I am really enthusiastic about my Water-to-Go bottle.

Marlene Zaiß

UN peacekeepers using Water to Go in Operation TRENTON

W2G assists UKTask Force in South Sudan on Operation TRENTON. Pictured are British & Indian UN Engineers with Water-to-Go at the Indian Water Point.

UN Peacekeepers

United Nations in South Sudan.

Up in the Cairngorms walking or teaching survival for Backcountry Survival I have used the Water-to-Go bottle with all types of water. The filter is really good for on the go. Now I am in South Sudan working on a UN mission I use the bottle on a daily basis. Water is treated but from various sources so for my own peace of mind and safety I decant it in to my bottle and I have had no adverse effects. Having seen where the raw water comes from I am content. A great bit of kit.

Graham Melloy - United Nations

Thumbs up from a Champion...

I have now had several of the Water-to-Go bottles, with the ‘GB FITNESS’ branded sleeve, for both my clients and myself. As the current British Bodybuilding Champion, the quality of my food and water is very important to me. This makes my water intake, which is quite considerable especially at contest time, taste clean and fresh. It is simple to use and I always have my bottle with me be it at work, in the gym or whilst travelling. A great product!

Shaun Anthony Blackwood - PCA British Champion

Encourages me to drink more water...

I’ve had my Water-to-Go bottle for a while and I cannot live without it now. I started making a conscious effort to drink more water and the bottle is one of the reasons I am succeeding. It’s so easy to pop it in your bag so it comes with me everywhere. I feel safe enough to refill it from bathrooms and taps while out and it’s great to be able to cut out bottled water. I took it on holiday with me this year to a place where only desalinated water was available and the filter made such a huge difference to the taste.

Heather B

Climbing Kilimanjaro...

I cannot recommend this water bottle enough. I use it daily from going to the gym to climbing mountains and sailing across oceans. The water tastes great and I love the fact you can use without purification tablets. This is me with my bottle on the top of Kilimanjaro!

Anna Harris

Arctic trekkers...

Me and my wife decided to complete a charity husky run across the Arctic Circle at the end of March in aid of Dementia UK. Our challenge was to complete a 300km trek over uneven frozen terrain using only dog power. Sleeping in tents at night where the temperature dropped to -27 degrees and wind speed of 25mph it is safe to say that it was not our most comfortable nights sleep. Amongst the many things we were told at our basic training, one that stuck out the most was our limited access to water during our 6 day challenge. With the built in multi stage filter we would be certain that all the potential bacteria we could of consumed would be filtered out. One less thing to worry about in our extreme situation. When consuming 6 litres of water a day I can say that for the first week our bottles got a thorough testing. Each morning we would have to defrost the water that was remaining inside the bottle by placing them into a pot of boiling water, heated over a petrol fired camping stove. Once melted it was filled back up from a water hole... we would drill into the lakes through 3ft of ice each day and off we went covering up to 93km on our longest day. Thank you Water-to-Go for keeping our water fresh and worry free from contamination!

Sam and Julia Williams - Birmingham

Safe drinking water in Morocco...

In September 2016 I spent a week trekking in the High Atlas mountains in Morocco to the south of Marrakech walking over high passes into remote Berber villages and ultimately to the summit of Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. I was warned off drinking local tap water by my guide but with my Water-to-Go, Go! Bottle with filter I was able to confidently fill up with both tap water and from passing water sources on the mountains such as streams and water falls. With the heat and high altitude I drank a lot but found that the water tasted good and I suffered no ill effects whatsoever. So the bottle and filter must have done a good job. It is a convenient item to carry and saves on the environmental waste issues associated with the bottled water industry. The bottle has now travelled with me on numerous long hikes in the UK and in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Andalucia in Spain. I will also be taking it with me later this year on a wild camp West Highland Way trek. Well done, great product!

Tim Nicklin

Environmentally friendly travel

After using the Water-to-Go bottle throughout Japan, I can honestly say it should be a packing essential for anyone who travels. Travelling regularly to Asia for work I am very conscious of the amount of plastic bottles I use from purchasing bottled water, the Water-to-Go bottle has solved this problem, and has ensured I will travel in a more environmentally friendly way.

Annie O’Sullivan - Selective Asia

Confident in Cuba...

We used our Water-to-Go bottle throughout our trip in Cuba. We were touring the island so were often away from bigger towns and felt that we could trust the water we drank from the bottle when we were less confident about the water supplied locally.

Stephen & Julie Hughes

Peace of mind for Mum...

"I had an urgent request from my son, who is on his gap year travels, as he needed some extra Water-to-Go filters. The customer service team thankfully managed to get them couriered to a hotel in Santiago for him, what a relief!!! Here is my son at Machu Picchu with his beloved Water-to-Go bottle.”

Mrs S.B

Fill up wherever you are...

We went to Crete last year and were reluctant to keep buying bottled water, especially as we were not going to be near any shops to buy it easily and cheaply. Therefore, we investigated and discovered the ‘Water-to-Go’ website, and purchased a 50cl bottle each. It was so useful to be able to fill these up wherever we went, and even in cafes we just poured ordinary water into them ready for our walks. The real advantage came when we got delayed 24 hours at the airport and slept most of the night on the floor. Due to the heat and amount of passengers trapped in the departure lounge, they ran out of bottled water, so we were very fortunate to be able to fill up ours without worrying. We would highly recommend this product, and are preparing for a trip to Poland, when we shall be relying on our trusty bottles.

A & K Sherman

100% Success...

Just love my new Water-to-Go bottle which I took to South Africa and Swaziland. It was really useful for reservoirs and streams as well as dodgy taps. I also used it to wash fruit and my toothbrush and can report 100% success in not being ill in the whole 5 weeks. I think many people on our trip will now purchase a Water-to-Go bottle as I saved so much money by not buying bottled water and also I'm very happy there was no extra plastic bottle rubbish created by me!

Caroline Villiers

Holidays and Gym...

Absolutely love my pink Water-to-Go bottle. I recently went on holiday and took my GO! Bottle with me. It put my mind to ease, knowing I am drinking clean, filtered water from my bottle. I also take it to the gym to stay hydrated through my training sessions. Always treat your body right!

Nandini Patel - Miss India UK 2015

Excellent Gear...

A great bit of kit to carry with you whenever you're out in the hills

Paul Hockin

Environmental School Trip...

Our Water-to-Go bottles were invaluable on the Portsmouth Grammar School expedition to Madagascar. We were keen to be as environmentally responsible as possible and Water-to-Go helped to minimise the number of plastic water bottles used. Smiles all round while paddling the Manambolo river.

Steve Harris - Portsmouth Grammar School

Water-to-Go have come to my rescue...

"Water-to-Go have come to my rescue! After picking up a bad stomach bug from bad water which kept me out of action, I now don't need to worry anymore. Extremely pleased to know I can drink clean, filtered water whenever I see a freshwater source - bring on the adventure!"

Adam Sultan - Adventurer

Great tasting water in Greenland...

I used this little bottle everyday during a 5 week long exploratory expedition to Eastern Greenland. Carrying a lot of equipment left little room for excess amounts of water so I had to fill up from available streams or gritty-glacial snow on my travels. This bottle worked a treat and provided me with some great tasting, grit-free water.

Jon Medlow

Peace of mind...

Having used the product before on various trips abroad, I had peace of mind using my water bottles yet again on my recent trip to Finland and would recommend them.

Simon Crowden - Bath Scouts

Safe on the Silk Road...

"I have just returned from the Silk Route where my Water to Go black bottle was used every day as we travelled around the Stans, and I am pleased to report I was in good health for the whole 4 week trip. I saw your bottle for sale in Go Outdoors before I went and as I am keen to reduce the amount of plastic that it wasted on water bottles, I decided to buy one and trust it. I am very impressed with the quality of the product and also the design as there were no leaks and the flip-up nozzle was easy to keep clean. It was filled up in rivers, dodgy bathrooms, public taps and guesthouses without any issues. It was really good for squirting over fruit to wash it before eating and when cleaning my toothbrush. I'm sure that others in our group will now buy your bottles in confidence as it was such a success."

Kelvin Aubrey

Puddles to Steams, these are a lifesaver...

We were first made aware of these bottles several years ago and thank god we were! We’ve used them in numerous places around the world, from Ushuaia in Argentina to San Salvador in El Salvador and everywhere in between. We would now not be without one of these in our bags, whether it be just going to the airport (Filing the bottle’s from the toilet taps) or going hiking in Snowdonia it is highly recommended you get one of these (Or even 2 as we have both the GO! and the 75cl bottle) covering us for any occasion. It’s so much easier than messing around with chlorine tablets, UV pen’s etc and they leave a horrible after taste. These work wonders, they truly are amazing not once have we had an upset stomach from water drunk through the bottle. Not the mention the amount of plastic saved through using these bottles and not wasting 100's, if not 1000’s of empty plastic bottles. Water-to-Go is the best water bottle on the market bar none!!!!

Stuart & Naomi Morgan

Stream dipping...

I was given one of your Water-to-Go bottles for my trip to the Pamir Mountains by Edge Expeditions. Great product. I used it every day for two weeks straight. The water in this area was highly likely to be contaminated. I drank 8-10 full bottles through the filter every day. That is a lot of plastic rubbish saved! It was very convenient to just dip it into a stream along the dirt roads. I did not trust the water even in the hotels in this remote part of the world. Great call to use these filtered water bottles.

Scott Smith

Lightweight, Fast, and Efficient

“Water-to-Go is the only water bottle that you will want to take with you everywhere, providing clean water no mater where you go. As an avid runner and adventurer I like everything to be lightweight, fast, and efficient. Water-to-Go allows me to be a minimalist by filtering water as I exercise as opposed to carrying all the water i’ll need for a day or weekend excursion. It’s great because I can be lightweight and still be secure knowing that I won’t run out of water. Speaking from personal experience I know what it is like to run out of water on the trail and even worse to get sick from the water from the streams. A harmless daytime excursion can end up becoming a total nightmare without the proper hydration. Water-to-Go seamlessly solves this by providing water filtration as I drink. Compared to other filters, filtering water can take 20 minutes or longer, but with Water-to-Go, you fill it up, put on the lid, and instantly drink clean water. I think this is why I really love Water-to-Go as its easy and quick. The beauty of traveling to foreign countries and never having to worry about the tap water - Just fill it up, close the lid, and viola clean refreshing water. It really can’t get easier.”

JJ Yosh - Adventurer/Filmmaker

Faith in the filter..

I read the review from a lady who drank water from the Ganges and that tempted me to give it a go. I do a lot of travelling and am aware of how bad it is to keep buying plastic bottles of water. I have tried on past trips buying water purification tablets but always found them too much effort and ended up buying plastic bottles. So I have just retuned from another trip to India and I can honestly say that the only time I needed to buy any other water was during long hikes when I needed to carry more water with me. I put my faith in the filter and drank water from my bathroom and from dodgy looking taps for 3 weeks. I was off the tourist track and can say I was impressed- I didn't get Delhi Belly either! I would recommend this water filter to anyone. It pays its cost back in no time and when you are in conditions of 40+ degrees you know that you can get your hands on water at anytime!

Jo Brookman

Plastic Waste Issue Hits Home...

Just finished a wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka. For a week we were part of an Exodus to group. I was genuinely shocked to see the group get through close to 500 water bottles over the 7 days. So pleased we took our Water-to-Go bottles. I think we may have persuaded others to buy them for future trips too. I first got the bottles as a novelty and for convenience and money saving, but the plastic waste issue has really hit home this week. We have drunk water all holiday filled from public toilets etc which the locals certainly wouldn't drink and were surprised that we were drinking. No issues. Thanks Water-to-Go!

Angela Dobson

Essential Item

"I have recently used the Water-to-Go bottle for the first time on a week long expedition in the Scottish highlands, it was fantastic, it has now become an essential item in my kit."

Jack Hendry - Serious Outdoor Skills

Robust and Well Designed Kit

I am currently reviewing the Water-to-Go filter bottle and have found it a robust and well designed bit of kit. It is made of tough plastic with a rubber sleeve to improve your grip. It has a wide neck which aids water collection and it also has a lever on the nozzle that makes it easy to flip out without contaminating the mouth part. Over the last few months I have used it in a variety of situations; for example, on survival courses, while hill walking, canoeing and in places where I would be wary of drinking the water without treatment. In fact the water supply to my house comes directly from a hill stream and drinking it through the Water-to-Go bottle reduces the irony taste, improves the clarity and seems to increase hydrating quality of the water. I am sufficiently impressed with Water-to-Go that I am considering selling them on my survival courses.

Leon Durbin - Wildwood Bushcraft

Walking the Zambezi

"Recently, whilst traversing La Palma, I used my Water-to-Go bottle to drink from streams, rivers, canals and even water dripping from rocks, it made all the difference. The Water-to-Go bottle will make the crucial difference in obtaining safe clean drinking water, whilst hiking along the wilds of the Mighty Zambezi River."

Chaz Powell - Walking the Zambezi

Safe water in Central African Republic

"I work for the United Nations, Peace Keeping, and am currently based in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. Having bought my Water-to-Go bottle in August 2015 it has become essential to me: I no longer need to buy bottled water (expensive and wasteful), as I have every confidence in drinking tap water, or water from ‘wilder’ sources. In the field or in the office, my WTG bottle is my constant companion!"

Alexandra Simpson - UN Peacekeeper

Saved from Buying Plastic Bottles in India

We first saw Water-to-Go at the travel show in London. We bought a bottle as we were going to India on a classic car journey. We filled from the taps the whole time and had no problems. It saved on not buying water in plastic bottles. We had a great trip!

Chris Whately-Smith

Filtering Water on Everest...

Day 1 on the way back down from Everest Base Camp. Famous memorial to climbers and Sherpa's who have lost their lives in the high mountains. The smug feeling when you watch people struggling with their filtration systems and you simply fill your "Water-to-Go" and GO!

Darren Watts

Safe Water in Sri Lanka...

My wife is an Ecologist and travels all round the world for work. Myself and Ella (daughter) recently joined her on a trip to Sri Lanka to help and took a Water-to-Go bottle each. We took the water bottles out with us everyday in Sri Lanka, and Ella always had one at her bedside at night. They were a fantastic investment; we didn’t have to buy any bottled water the whole time we were in Sri Lanka!

Steve Rush

Drinking Indian Tap Water...

I used the bottle for 3 months almost exclusively whilst in India, filling up from stand pipes, hotel bathrooms and on a couple of occasions from mountain streams. There were two of us using the bottle and this was without any ill effects on either of us for the whole time we were in India. At one point as we were walking past a beach bungalow I asked the occupant (a German lady) if I could fill up my bottle from her tap. She couldn't believe we were going to drink from the bottle… she took a photo and was going to buy one on her return home. This is the best thing to happen to independent travellers since the Internet. Whether I'm walking in the Northumberland hills or camel trekking in northern India this little water bottle will always be with me. An absolute fantastic and totally indispensable piece of kit for the discerning traveller Gary Oldfield

Gary Oldfield

Tastes better and no boiling....

Took my water-to-go bottle with me to a town called Tofo in Mozambique where all drinking water needs to be boiled or filtered or both. I used my new WTG bottle for all my drinking water, it worked fantastically, gave me extra comfort, and the water even seemed to taste better!

Keith H

Expense Saving & Helping the Environment

My Explore travel group to China was advised that we should always drink bottled water rather than tap water and thus the rest of the group were forever searching for relevant shops, or carrying several weighty bottles around with them. Personally I always used my Water-to-go bottle, and refilled it as necessary at the taps in hotel rooms, restaurants or public toilets and also in mountain streams, when we were on our trek. I thus certainly saved on expense, as well as feeling much happier that I was not responsible for damaging the environment.

Annette Lowe

Water-to-Go Uganda Lifesaver

Having my Water-to-Go bottle with me during my time in Uganda organising the Uganda Marathon was a lifesaver. When you can't safely drink the tap water, having a safe and easy method to obtain potable water is essential. Though bottled water is readily available in shops, I dislike waste plastic bottles and the piles strewn about the otherwise pictureque countryside. Despite the water still looking a little murky in the bottle, it comes through the filter just fine, with no sinister taste or smell. I'll definitely be taking my Water-to-Go bottle on my next trip to Uganda.

Sophie Dubus

Fantastic Purchase

I've been using the Water-to-Go for about a year now, and have found it a fantastic purchase. I know don't have to take water on with me when I'm out kayaking. It's great to have a product that turns such a plentiful resource into useful drinkable water.

Chris Smith

Essential Travel Kit...

Our water-to-go bottles got plenty of use during our trip to Peru. Wherever we went the bottles came with us ensuring we had safe water to drink up the Amazon, in the Jungle, on the Inca trail and even in the airports. These bottles are now part of our essential travel kit on all our holidays.

Adam & Jill

Best Choice I Ever Made!

After searching through different water purification bottles on the Internet and finally settling on Water-to-go, I was still doubtful. I needed it for a 3 month trip to Tanzania volunteering with Restless Development and went for the GO! bottle. Best choice I have ever made! Not only has it saved me a lot of money but it's meant that I've stayed very hydrated wherever I've been as I can fill it up from taps, and eventually, after gathering enough faith in the filter, from wells. It filters the water and then some, leaving you with great tasting clean water! It caused a lot of jealously among the group with everyone wanting to know where I got it from, and when there was a shortage of clean bottled water people, knew where to go for hydration. Not only is the product itself great but with 'watertogo' I've easily experienced the best customer service in a long time with very quick, friendly responses to every query. Anyone in doubt like I was 3 months ago, forgot the doubts and buy one. You won't regret it.

William Manchester

Nepal Life Saving Product

We're in Nepal having survived the Earthquake and wanted to write to thank you for what turned out to be a lifesaving product!


A Great Purchase!

Water tastes completely different; clearer and lacking in the metallic taste. I'm so glad my friends convinced me to buy one from Boots. I was contemplating purchasing the not-so cost effective Brita Go Bottle but the filter has to be changed every week. A great purchase!

Anthony Parkinson

Hello hydration, Goodbye plastic waste...

I’ve always been told off for not drinking enough water, but having a Water-to-Go bottle coupled with an app to effectively tell me off every 90 minutes has really helped me change that! I was so happy when I came across Water-to-Go as I’m always harping on about people going through stupid amounts of plastic bottles. I’m always on the go so a need a refillable bottle and I did have a different brand but I travel abroad a lot and can’t use it in many countries. Due to the filtration system in Water-to-Go it’s perfect for me to take anywhere in the world. I’m off out to Uganda soon so I’ll definitely be using it there, and look forward to taking it to Thailand with me later in the year. I’m lucky that most places I travel to have easy access to clean water but I really hate the plastic waste, so much so that it probably discourages me from drinking water which I’m bad at already! I also love the shape of the GO! Bottles as it’s much better for my little girlie hands and even easy to hold on to when I go out running.

Sophie Dubus

Perfect for Yoga...

I am a yoga teacher in London and am in love with my Water-to-Go bottle! I couldn’t imagine being without it. Especially on my teaching days when I go from one class to the other, which means from one location to another, I am so happy to just fill my bottle with tap water from the changing room and off I am with fresh and free water. It's not only convenient but also saves me a lot of money. Drinking enough good water is so important and with the Water-to-Go bottle this becomes much easier as the filter does an amazing job leaving me with high quality water with every sip I take. In order to not carry too heavy, I only fill as much water into the bottle as I need to get to the next place and then refill for the next stretch. Really love it!

Patricia Creola

Clean Water and Chemical Free...

We live in Portugal and we always have free clean and sweet drinking water from our own well. But now, whenever we travel, we always take our Water-to-Go bottles. We first purchased a couple of bottles after a trip to India in 2013. Since then, they have been used, topped up, and flown to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, extensively in Europe and even the UK (they remove the chlorine taste of English tap water wonderfully). We have just returned from Southern India, Goa and Sri Lanka, where our Water-to-Go bottles were extremely useful during hours of travelling between sites, where there wasn’t always fresh drinking water, just a tap, a stream or a lake. After buying them, we were so impressed with Water-to-Go that we bought all our grown up kids a bottle each and have recommended them to many friends. The photo was taken in Sri Lanka at Galle on a very hot and sticky day.

Ken and Sue

Been using Water-to-Go for 3 years...

I would like to congratulate Water-to-Go for designing such a useful and effective product. I have used my Water-to-Go bottle for 3 years now on long distance walks. It was particularly useful on the South West Coast path in hot late summer & spring days. I was able to avoid the extra weight of carrying water by just taking my Water-to-Go bottle and topping it up from streams along the way. I have just returned from walking the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness. My pack was a bit heavier in early April in the Highlands due to extra layers of essential clothing to cope with all sorts of weather. It was great to be able to rely on my Water-to-Go bottle again instead of carrying water – there was no shortage of places to top up on this route!

Ann Luck

Ice cold fresh water from the river...

Water-to-Go bottles are fantastic for outdoors people. We took ours on a whitewater-kayaking trip in Norway and not only do you have fresh water but it is ice cold from the river even when the weather is baking hot!

Terry Simmons

Latin American Buddy...

I purchased my first Water-to-Go bottle prior to travelling Latin America in 2014 at a time when they weren't widely available (I'd seen them being demonstrated on some TV show and purchased via the website). What an absolute dream it was - my first three months were spent in Central America during dry season and it was a great relief not having to worry about whether the water would make me sick. I've only been back a few days but I'm still using it and drinking more water than I ever did before. Based on my 'road-test' I have to say Water-to-Go is the way forward: clean water wherever (I mostly filtered tap water but I have taken from natural water sources such as waterfalls and rivers) and no more hideous plastic bottles to contaminate the environment. And by not buying bottled water whilst travelling Water-to-Go definitely worked out as the economic option.

Oli Burbage-Hall

From Sri Lanka to the Thames...

It’s rare that you find something in this world which fundamentally changes your day to day life and alerts your perception on something you’d never considered a major issue. When that something comes in the form of a produce which can be used everywhere, by everyone, everyday in all they do, it is even more remarkable. 12 months have passed since I first discovered Water-to-Go and it has become an ever-present in my life regardless of what i’m doing. Heading out of the house? Phone, wallet, keys, Water-to-Go bottle - check. It has been with me in meetings, the gym, on cycling adventures, in work, during overseas travel adventures and even while attending a couple of weddings. It has been filled from waterfalls in the mountain regions of Sri Lanka and the murky waters of the Thames in West London and has never let me down. It’s a travesty that they aren't being state or internationally funded to ensure everyone can gain access to improved water quality and help eliminate the scourge that is the disposable plastic bottle. Thank you for all you do in supporting developing countries and good luck with your future plans.

Andy Bartlett

Life, Health, Water-to-Go...

I have always been a very active guy who is fully aware that drinking 2-3 litres of water per day is a key component to keeping your body happy and also in putting the brakes on ageing. Over the years I have always kept my eye out for portable water filtration solutions and have never found one as effective as this Water-to-Go bottle. I am already at the point where I couldn't imagine not having my Water-to-Go bottle with me, the design is great, it does what it says, and it saves me money! My Water-to-Go bottle is basically my new companion, if I am in developed countries where the tap water has been purposely contaminated with fluoride I know I have my clean 2-3 litres of water each day. (I know, I know, there are some out there who think fluoride is good for your teeth and that our governments have our best interests at heart, but I am just not one of them, on either count. I prefer cleaning my teeth than drinking a waste chemical thank you very much). If I happen to be away from any tap water supply I still know that I have my clean 2-3 litres of water each day as long as I find a natural water source. If I am travelling to developing countries I also know I have my clean 2-3 litres of water each day and there aren't actually any other scenarios to consider. The Water-to-Go bottle has you covered no matter what situation you find yourself in and it is way cheaper than bottled mineral water which has another chemical (BPA) to worry about. If you are reading this testimonial then you are probably considering purchasing a Water-to-Go bottle, there is nothing to think about, get one! It makes sense for your health and your wallet!

Theo Patsios

Perfect in all situations + Great customer service...

I originally bought my Water-to-Go bottle for my travels in Jamaica, South Africa and Vietnam. The water bottles filtration system worked perfectly and consistently in each country and saved me a lot of money! I’m pretty sure I saved more money than it cost me to buy the bottle so it’s definitely worth the investment. Whether it be hotel water, water from a river or water from the bush, the bottle worked its magic and I never got sick once! Now that I’m back from my travels I find myself using this bottle in everyday life. From playing football on the weekends, keeping hydrated at university, at the gym etc, it’s truly versatile! Recently during a football game on the weekend I went off as a sub due to a knee injury and decided to take a seat on the floor at the side of the goal. As I was drinking, one of the on field players took a shot towards goal which went wide and hit the bottle directly which sent it soaring into the sky, it came crashing back down and I immediately picked it up and inspected it. Unfortunately the impact had damaged the lid to the point where it was no longer usable. I tweeted Water-to-Go to let them know what happened and they handled the situation brilliantly and offered to send me a new lid! Within 3 days I had a brand new lid and it was back to business as usual. I recommend this bottle to all my friends; it’s functional, versatile and truly a product for life!

Leslie Latchman

Loving the new GO! bottles...

My husband and I were at the Olympia Baby Show when we came across the GO! bottles. We have always been keen water drinkers and guzzle up to 3 litres each per day. At the time we were using Bobble bottles which I stopped using due to the poor flow and found it to difficult to get the water out. My husband had to squeeze so hard to get the water out he ended up damaging it. Then we saw the demo for the new GO! bottles and we were sold. Now the water flow is how it should be and its quick and easy to use wherever you go. I loved the fact you can use any water, river and so on and that it has an indicator to show you when the filter runs out. We never had this using Bobble. Just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing product which is not only practical but saves money and the planet.

Rachelle & Greg Hamblen

Safe water in Peru...

Like most students I decided to go travelling and see a bit of the world after I graduated. The smartest thing I did on my trip to Peru was taking a Water-to-Go bottle. Not only did it allow me to drink the local water (saving me a fortune on bottled water) but it was also extremely light and so it was perfect for my Machu Picchu trek! For anyone going on a gap year, backpacking or just a holiday – Water-to-Go is an essential item to pack!

Sam Gayton

Must-have accessory...

I just wanted to message and say how pleased I was with your products!! I bought one and a set of filters at the end of last year for travelling... it was amazing! I used it in remote parts of The Gambia and parts of SE Asia!! I could literally drink any water source perfectly and saved on plastic bottles. I think it is great and a must have accessory!! Well done on a great product!

Gem Robinson

Keeping me hydrated while cycling in 38° tempratures...

There are great physical and logistical demands of a human powered circumnavigation. The reliability of the Water-to-Go bottles saves so much time and effort which can then be put into the physical challenge ahead, instead of planning for water stops. They're a great investment for anyone out on expeditions and the filtration system is comfortably coping with the demands of keeping me hydrated while cycling in 38degree temperatures.

Sam Greatrex

Great tasting 'hotel' water...

I travel frequently on business to West-Africa and now will always take a Water-to-Go bottle with me. Although I don't usually get to spend much time away from Western hotel chains and the capital cities but I have had bad experiences even with bottled water supplied in hotel rooms (which are often stored outside in the heat and start tasting of plastic amongst other things). I now always filter the bottled water in my room with Water-to-Go even to make tea! It’s obviously a no-brainer as a product for the backpacker or NGO worker but I would personally recommend it to any traveller (business or tourist) going to West-Africa, especially with the current health challenges the region is facing

Albert Gardiner

Continued to use after travelling...

My Water-to-Go bottle was an absolute lifesaver during my travels in Ecuador. It meant that I never had to worry about finding clean, safe water as it was always available via my bottle! I filled it up at hotels and during my stay in the Andes mountains. Normally, I am extremely sensitive to changes in water but I was not ill once during my travels which was absolutely amazing! The same couldn't be said for a friend of mine who was quite ill and contracted a parasitic infection from unfiltered water. Even after my travelling had ended, I continued and still continue to use it every day at home and at work. I am extremely conscious about my health so it’s great to know I'm getting safe water all the time. Additionally, the water tastes great, saves me so much money in bottled water and it's environmentally friendly! Its an amazing product, I couldn't recommend it enough!

Melissa Hill

Getting Anglers 'hooked'...

I took delivery of a Water-to-Go Bottle several weeks ago, and the first thing that I noticed was its handy size – being about the same size as a sports bottle, the bottle was a lot lighter than I expected it to be, with it having a “filter” inside I expected it to be much heavier. The reason for my interest in this gadget it simple, I am an Angler, Wildlife Photographer and Climber so naturally spend a lot of time in the outdoors and I am never far away from water. If I am fishing or out with the camera I normally take a 10 litre water bottle or If I am climbing several 2 litre bottles of water in my rucksack but as you would expect the weight is a problem, and if I want to stay longer or run out of water then I am limited to what I can do or would have to go and find supplies. I hoped the Water-to-Go would solve this problem! I decided to try it out whilst on a few Barbel Fishing sessions this week after work, and after seeing the colour of the chocolate brown Ouse I have to admit being slightly hesitant! However, after giving myself a stern talking to I unscrewed the lid and simply filled the bottle which couldn’t of been easier, screwed the lid back on and took a deep breath then had a good swig of the River Ouse, it wasn’t what I expected at all and was quite tasty! Several more gallons of the Ouse found there way into my bottle over the next few nights, I am hooked – what a fantastic invention!! I am won over to this bottle now, it has found a permanent home in my rucksack – gone are the days of having to cart around giant water bottles that weigh a tonne! My advice is simple, if you are an outdoor person you cannot be without this product!

James Smith

Lucky enough to spot Water-to-Go before we left...

I went to Zambia for 3 months to do charity work in a tiny community called Mututu. There was no running water so we had to collect water from a well. Using my Water-to-Go bottle was the best thing ever - I didn't get sick once and a lot of the rest of my team did! Out of about 20 of us I think 5 had been lucky enough to spot Water-to-Go before we left. Half way through the trip when illnesses started kicking in, most wished they'd bought these bottles too! They're just incredible and I'm so glad I bought my two, wouldn't go abroad without one now and I even use it in the UK! Going to Croatia in 2 weeks and I'll definitely be brining one for me and my partner! As I mentioned, I bought 2 - really unnecessary for 3 months! One filter lasted the whole 3 months but that was probably at the end of it's life by then. Highly recommend!

Roisin Corderoy

Cairngorm Treks...

We have been trialling the Water-to-Go bottles since May with our trekking clients and staff, and the feedback is very positive. In terms of our business brief they are excellent...namely a lightweight, simple option that offers full confidence in providing safe drinking water from the burns and lochs in the Cairngorms whilst single day and multi day trekking. The speed and ease of use...basically scoop and drink is fantastic. Moreover, the ease of cleaning the bottles and changing the filters is second to none. They also make excellent gifts for our clients as a way of helping to promote our business. Personally I use my Water-to-Go bottle daily whether guiding clients, mountain biking or on long road bike journeys. I guided two clients along the full high route of the Pyrenees last summer and we frequently carried up to 3 litres of water each which had to be treated with tablets or a UV pen. Both long and cumbersome processes that didn’t always give full confidence. Water-to-Go bottles would have been so much easier and would have significantly reduced the weight carried. One of our team members is Taiga the Trekking Dog and it would be interesting if you could come up with a clean drinking system for him as animals can also be affected by the same issues of drinking directly from untreated sources!

Simon Greaves

AID4LIFE emergency response team...

Having just returned from a successful medical mission to the Philippines after supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan), I met this wonderful product while visiting England. It caught my eye immediately since drinking water has always been a major issue in disaster areas. Tacloban City was no different. Providing clean, potable water meant a great supply and logistic challenge for all. Having realized the importance of clean water, I immediately bought a bottle and a few filters for myself. We have even equipped all members of AID4LIFE Emergency Response Team since then. It is an essential piece of our equipment, so that no shortage of drinking water could become an issue for us. On the other hand we look forward to finding some generous sponsors who could possibly finance future charity and medical missions where we could present bottles to the local people, suffering the consequences of a natural disaster, thus making potable water available for them too.

Dr. Ferenc Sari MD

Water-to-Go at Glastonbury...

Three of our group used the Water-to-Go bottles for Glastonbury Festival 2014, and I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed we were with them! Although we had an amazing time, you will appreciate that hygiene is not the best at a festival – There are drinking water taps provided around the site, but they seem to be few and far between, the queues are huge and by day 3, they are boggy mess. Having our Water-to-Go bottles meant we could fill from any of the water sources around the festival site – Including the water taps next to the toilets. I certainly would not fill a normal bottle from these taps due to the high level of bacteria which will be transferred from them. We certainly got a few strange looks from other festival goers when filling up here! Also, due to the precautions they take against contamination in the water source, it does tend to have a swimming pool taste which disappeared completely when drinking through the filter. The other option is of course was to purchase bottled water but with prices at the festival ranging from £1.50 to £3.00 for 500ml it would have cost us a lot of money over the 5 days, not to mention the environmental effects of plastic bottles. I would definitely recommend Water-to-Go bottles to anyone considering purchasing one – You definitely won’t regret it.

Liz Mangan

Clean tea from hotels...

I was drinking a cup of tea made from tap water in my hotel room in Slough and was horrified to see the scum in the mug as the tea cooled. I then made a second cup with the same tap water but filtered through my Water-to-Go bottle and you can see the difference!

Ted O'Morcho

Must-have item for people conscious about what they consume...

The 2013 Birmingham NEC Christmas market was the place where I was introduced to the Water-to-Go bottle and saw it in action. I bought a couple - one for myself and one as a present and shortly after had to buy more for my mum and sister as it proved to be an amazing companion and a must-have item for people conscious about what they consume. As already pointed out by other users - it is great for frequent travellers and many a penny is saved by not buying poor quality water at airports. I have had the chance to test the strategy several times and was always grateful to have it with me. Furthermore, this bottle is not popular with adults only. My niece, 7, also likes drinking from it and seemed to enjoy biting the plastic top!

Katja Mulej

Travelling Mexico and Guatemala...

Whilst travelling through Mexico and Guatemala the Water-to-Go filtration system never let us down. Whether drinking the tap water in Mexico City or a filling up from a stream, whilst hiking in the Mountains of Oaxaca and Lake Atitlan, our Water-to-Go bottles provided us with clean and fresh drinking water. Recommending the system to people as we travelled we carry on to do so whilst working with groups in the Scottish Highlands and when out playing in the outdoors with friends. A simple but effective design! Highly recommended!

Ben & Elizabeth

Chemical free gym water...

I go to the gym 4 times a week so value my health. I used to either buy a bottle for £2 or drink from their water fountain. I either spent too much on bottled water or could taste the chemicals in the normal tap water. The Water-to-Go bottle is an absolute dream. I use the water from their fountain and it tastes completely different, I'm also saving a massive cost on the bottled water, not to mention the environment. Thank you for a great product


Perfect kit for DoE...

My best friend and I each carried our Water-to-Go bottles as we crossed Scotland as part of the TGO Challenge 2014. We had a fabulous time and all in the complete knowledge that the water we were drinking from our filter bottles was 100% fresh and safe due to this unique system. Thank you so much for the peace of mind and total freedom these wonderful bottles gave us. I have every intention of getting a family of bottles, one for my husband as we are both Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition Supervisors and one each for two of our children who are currently taking part in their Gold and Silver expeditions. It will make their time on expeditions so much easier!

Louise Evans

Triathlon training...

In 2013 I had a stroke, with no clear medical reason found. It is likely that being dehydrated was the cause. Following my recovery I wanted to get back to training and competing in long distance triathlons. I discovered Water-to Go and have used it on my training runs, filling up in streams and rivers. I also bought it for my daughter's gap year traveling in Asia. We both use it everyday now. I completed the UK Half Ironman on Sunday and now with Water-to-Go I have the peace of mind of knowing I can stay hydrated and safe wherever I am. Thank you.

Mike Davis

The best product out there...

I use it in the house, I use it when I'm out for the day, when I'm in the studio, my daughter can use it & I know she's drinking safe filtered water, where ever we are - I use it anywhere, & buying bottled water is a thing of the past. Where it's really made a difference is when I'm on tour or on the road; I can fill up from anywhere & in countries where you wouldn't go anywhere near tap water I don't have that problem. It's the best product out there of it's kind, nothing else even comes close and I know because I've tried them all.

Pat Garvey

Pure Water for a Pure Me...

They say diamonds are a woman's best friend; I say my crystal clear water is. Living in London, where water quality is poor, I rarely leave the house without my Water-to-Go bottle. It sits with me in the office to keep me hydrated and then gives me great support during my training in the gym. It often gets 'kicked' between the dumbbells but it never breaks or leaks. Since my post-workout drink is crucial to my recovery, I always squeeze out water from the bottle to make my drink 100% nutritionally pure rather than using the suspicious gym fountain. My favourite usage is during travelling. At the last BodyPower Expo, for example, the little piece of ingenuity saved my hydration - frequent trips to the toilet was all I did rather than spending money on questionable bottled water. I always recommend it to clients and friends.

Maya Petrova (The Busy Bee)

Water for a commuter...

Ever since I started working in London I have spent a fortune buying water bottles that I usually leave lying about or forget. It great to actually own a bottle that I can use anywhere, anytime! As a keen geocacher I take it with me on all my treks around the countryside but also to use it whilst sitting at my desk is amazing. I really recommend a Water-to-Go bottle!

Garold Obee

The only one who WASN'T ill...

"I took my Water-to-Go bottle with me to Madagascar for my recent 17-day tour, I filled it from hotel taps, and from streams, and had no upset tummy problems at all, but my fellow travellers did, even though they drank expensive bottled water. Brilliant. No worries about the integrity of bottled water, or whether I'd got clean water in my hotel room at night. I could safely drink even polluted river-water, so felt completely safe, and never risked becoming dehydrated. The majority of the people in Madagascar have to use river water to wash themselves and their clothes, as well as for cooking and drinking, and of course, as a toilet. How many of us would want to drink from these rivers unless we had one these brilliant filter bottles? I shall get one for my grandson to use for his DoE trips, as I'd likely not get mine back if I loaned it to him

Barbara Bulman

River drinking...

As a frequent traveller I bought the Water-to-Go bottle before a 2 month trip to Costa Rica. I was participating in a wildlife conservation programme where I stayed at a camp in a remote jungle location (the nearest town was over an hour away on public transport). This bottle enabled me to drink directly from the rivers safely. It was especially useful on a 20km hike through the national park, as I did not have to worry about carrying a large volume of water in my backpack as I frequently crossed rivers where I could fill it up. I also found it extremely useful at airports where I could fill up it up after going through security and avoid paying the extortionate prices that airports charge for bottled water.

Laura King

Superb bit of kit...

The Water-to-Go bottle is a superb bit of kit and invaluable for travellers, especially those who frequent out of the way places. I also found it a god-send at airports as I could empty it out just before going through departures and then immediately refill it from the cloakroom again on the other side. No more gulping down or discarding the remains of purchased water and having to buy another bottle shortly after. Excellent

Jacky Spear

Great for meetings...

In all my meetings, wherever I go, I refuse to buy bottled water, preferring to take my trusty Water-to-Go bottle with me, saving me money!


Confident about our water supply...

When we met at the Destinations Show, we promised to send some photos from Nepal. This is us on the way from Naudanda to the Peace Pagoda above Pokhara .We had a fantastic holiday and were always confident about our water supply, thanks to Water-to-Go. Interestingly at the airport in Pokhara on our way back to Kathmandu we saw a gentleman with two bottles, one either side of his rucksack! We're now looking at buying another for a young man doing a volunteering expedition in southern Africa.

Liz Plews & Mary Arthur

Trekking Annapurna...

Myself and a friend planned a 17 day trek in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas. Our objective was to reach Annapurna Base Camp at 4,130 metres. Throughout Nepal there is a shortage of potable drinking water. While there are numerous rivers flowing down the valleys, very often such water supplies can be contaminated from human activity higher up the mountain. To ensure we had a reliable drinking water supply we used the 'Water-to-Go' filtered bottles on a daily basis. They were easy to use and proved very effective - we didn't get sick once and always had plenty of drinking water at our disposal. I would certainly recommend the Water-to-Go system.

Mike Fitch

Great for everyday use...

The first thing I packed for a trip to the Cairngorms National Park was my Water-to-Go bottle. As I knew we'd be carrying a lot of camera gear, waterproofs and anti-midge cream, it was great to know that I could have a drink from any river or burn I came across. This was despite warnings from the visitor centre about Weils Disease as the Water-to-Go filter system protects you from bacteria, viruses and other nasties. Since then I've started using it every day. I really like the taste; now I can immediately spot "normal" tap water with its fluoride and slightly metallic bitterness by comparison. I'm a complete Water-to-Go convert!

Mike Spurgeon

Never travel without one...

I have been in India for 2 months drinking the tap water through the Water-to-Go bottle filter. I even filled it with water from the Ganges to prove that this amazing filter can be used to keep you healthy anywhere in the world and from any water source. This is my 5th trip to India and every time I have left behind hundreds of used plastic water bottles to pollute the environment and ended up on antibiotics but not this time. I didn't have to buy one single bottle of water, stayed healthy and well and was never thirsty as I could fill my bottle anywhere. So many travellers saw it and said they were going to buy one. Never travel without one - it is amazing!

Carolyn Taylor

Water-to-Go pays for itself...

I am a keen walker having done all the three highest peaks in Scotland, Wales and England (plus some of Ireland) and have always been looking for a reusable water bottle that wasn’t going to burn a hole in my wallet. Then I found Water-to-Go. It was the price that attracted it to me as well as the ease of use. Then my biggest challenge was a trip to China, not a major hike through the wilderness but I was staying in Guesthouses in Southeast China. My health advisor and my guide book told me to only drink bottled water, so I decided to save money and be safe and used my Water-to-Go filter. I was in China for 14 days visiting Nanning City, and one of the Chinese and Vietnam border crossing posts. I topped my bottle each day with the local tap water without spending money on water so the cost of the Water-to-Go bottle paid for itself.

Phillip Calthorpe

Saving money at the airport...

Having read some of the other testimonials on this website, my story seems quite ordinary but here goes... When I go abroad for business or on holiday, I had got into a routine at the airport of going to buy water as soon as I had exited from security. I usually buy 2 bottles, (because they are a better deal!) and do the same on the way back. Recently, I was working in Amsterdam every week for a few months and ran up quite a considerable bill on 'airport water'. On my most recent trip abroad, I was fortunate enough to be going on holiday to Spain on a DIY fitness break. I took a Water-to-Go with me and as soon as I'd been through security, I filled up my bottle from the taps in the Ladies. I filled it up again just before I went to the gate, so I'd already saved a few quid at the airport. When I landed in Spain, you've guessed it, I filled up at the airport and then again as soon as I got to my apartment. After another refill whilst out walking and exploring the area, and another from the tap in the apartment before bed, I reckon I'd saved around £6 to £8 in bottled water on day 1! I continued to use the bottle throughout the holiday, including taking it to the gym every day and of course, used it again on the trip home. I easily covered the cost of the bottle in savings on bottled water during a 1 week holiday and am continuing to use the bottle, 'for free' since I came back. Even if you ignore all the environmental benefits of not filling up the ocean with plastic etc, Water-to-Go makes good financial sense, as well as enabling you to have the convenience of filtered drinking water available to you almost any time. Water-to-Go is the future and I'm sure our children's kids will be horrified by the environmental damage done by this generation of plastic water bottle guzzlers!

Gill Rouse

Walking across Mongolia...

I had been searching for some time, for a really good & effective water filter to take on my expedition across Mongolia, but I kept coming across water filters that needed to be pumped to purify the water (in a desert of 45 degrees C, this was the last thing I wanted to do). My agent came across the Water-to-Go stand at an adventure festival and asked for a demo & how they worked. He was so impressed that he sent me a text straight after, in which I then went on the website, and found the perfect bottle to take out with me. I’ll be coming across all sorts of water sources in some extreme locations. The fact that I could top the bottle up and drink it straight away was what hooked me the most, and it was an absolute must for me in such an environment, but even my latest trek in Scotland saw me topping it up constantly from lochs, rivers etc and the taste was perfect. The bottle really does deliver and I’m super impressed with it & can’t wait to use it on my latest expedition. Fantastic product, team & service, I highly recommend

Ash Dykes

Staying hydrated, Living with MS...

Last year I started the task of hiking all 800 miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. One of my main concerns was buying a good water filter system. Having MS I have heat & temperature sensitivity and need to stay hydrated. Before I started using the Water-to-Go filter I was carrying two or more 16oz. bottles and hoped I didn’t run out of water. The Water-to-Go bottle is the best piece of hiking equipment I have in my backpack. It has eliminated the extra weight of water I was carrying which is great when hiking long distances. I now use my bottle and refill it every time I come to a creek, water runoff and I have filled from standing water once.

Greg Long

Muddy water transformation...

We were told that the tap water in The Gambia was drinkable, but it was at best muddy coloured, so whilst we could buy bottled water, I was more than happy to use the Water-to-Go bottle when I saw how good the filtered water looked and tasted. We used the filtered water for most of our 6 week trip to Bansang, especially when we went exploring the local area on small mopeds too! I will be buying one of these as a present for my nephew for when he goes to Malaysia later this year.

Vanessa Greenhough

Keeping your backpack light...

Recently a friend and I undertook a 2 day hike around hilly Perthshire in Scotland. The route we took was the mini cateran trail which is a 20mile loop taking in some of the best scenery of Scotland from snow capped peaks to ruined shieldings and everything in between with a recommendation of taking 2 days to complete it. We were planning to wild camp along the route so weight considerations were definitely on our mind. With already big bags filled with sleeping kit, warm kit, wet kit, emergency kit and food to keep us going for 2 days we didn’t really want to take an extra 4kgs/4l each of water for the trip and neither of us are keen on the taste of purification tablets. The Water-to-Go bottle was the perfect solution with plenty of melt water in the burns and rivers, we were able to fill it up as we went and the lighter packs certainly made the hike more enjoyable. Additionally I had a query about the bottle, which was answered by the Water-to-Go team in record time (under 100mins). Great product and great service.

Mike Jowitt

Move over bottled water...

I thought quite hard about buying a Water-to-Go bottle as I wondered if it was overkill but as soon as I landed after a long dehydrating flight and had instant access to water I was very grateful for it. There are the obvious reasons for not buying bottled water: adding to the plastic in the world - and I’d say after a month that I’ve probably already made my money back, but there are health reasons too… When I have to get bottled water on the road I always find myself running out and getting dehydrated every now and again. You can’t always get it. It has been invaluable to have a constant supply of water in a hot climate. You know when you wake up and are super thirsty and then you realise you have no water, or you’re on a long train journey and run out, so nice to just go to nearest source and fill up. It means you don't have to carry 3 litres for example too. Also the plastic is safer unlike bottled water that releases toxins into the water in the sun. The filters are tiny and lightweight so take up no room and they last three months each. I’ve got 3 with me! Water-to-Go said they'd send to me abroad if I need later :) I thought I was being OTT investing in one but it is definitely one of the most important things in my pack now I’m away. RECOMMEND!

Bev Croft

Pesticides & chemicals in tap water

I do not exaggerate when I say that my Water-to-Go bottles have transformed my life - such a dramatic improvement. I suffer from severe chemical allergies - particularly pesticides - and am therefore unable to drink any water other than one brand of bottled Scottish mineral water. I do own a distiller but as I travel a lot this is not practical. I have lived with the constant fear of not being able to get my branded water for years now - and of course it is just so expensive. So when I risked trying normal tap water from my Water-to-Go bottle and had no side effects I literally cried with joy. I'm convinced there are many people out there who are suffering with unknown illnesses or allergies caused by modern water who do not realise and I recommend anyone to try the bottles - they're not just for those going up mountains or far off places!

Catherine Edwardes

Cycling with peace of mind

Whilst training for, and cycling from London to Paris it was a great comfort blanket knowing that my Water-to-Go bottle ensured pure, refreshing water was always to hand.

Ken Mander

Invaluable piece of equipment

This summer I traveled to Mityana in Uganda to provide fire safety and prevention lectures and carry out life saving burns surgery and treatment to the children of the Mityana region. The Water-to-Go bottle was one of the most important pieces of equipment I had and constantly provided me with safe clean drinking water in very humid conditions. The water in Uganda is not suitable for drinking and using the bottle's unique filter action system I was safe and confident drinking the water. I would heartily recommend these water bottles and am very much looking forward to using it again whilst out on the welsh hills on wild camps. Thank you again Water-to-Go for providing me with an invaluable piece of equipment ... It really is one of the best pieces of kit I own!

Andrew Jones

Drinking straight from the river

This is the River Conway near Betwsy Coed, that I am drinking from my Water-to-Go bottle. I was running an Ecology field course - the students were amazed to see me drinking the water. The bottle is brilliant out in the field and useful for naturalists, ecologists, teachers and wilderness-lovers alike!

Dr. J. M. Paul

Where no water bottle has gone before...

This summer, four friends and I went on an expedition to the remote Fergana Range in Kyrgyzstan in the hope of summiting unclimbed peaks and exploring the region. The trip was a great success (we climbed four unclimbed peaks and had a brilliant time) and this was in no small part due to the support we received from Water-to-Go and their excellent filter bottles. We found it to be an invaluable resource in Kyrgyzstan where safe drinking water was at a premium and we were away from civilization for weeks at a time. With a Water-to-Go bottle each, the whole team were able to stay fully hydrated at all times as the possible contaminants and sediment found in mountain streams and glacial rivers were effectively dealt with. A further bonus, besides being able to collect water from any source we found, was that it eliminated the need to carry as much water with us. Water is of course, fairly heavy to carry around so being able to go light and top up at any source we came across was a considerable bonus. I know our whole team would recommend it. I will certainly be taking mine with me on my next walk in the hills and definitely on my next expedition.

Daniel Keller

Safe water for a year in South America

I bought two Water-to-Go bottles at a travel show in London. I was looking for info and inspiration for a planned year long trip, mostly in South America, and thought these bottles were a brilliant idea. A constant source of clean drinking water without the expense and environmental impact of bottled - what's not to like? 9 months on and we've finally got a chance to use them properly. The photo is me sitting on an oversized park bench in Buenos Aires, enjoying the tap water, and anticipating safely drinking water from even more exotic sources - pools in the cloud forests, glacial melt-waters, the Amazon and probably the odd public toilet along the way!

Brian McVeigh

Backpacking India

Thanks to Water-to-Go in helping me survive backpacking around India. As soon as I read about this product, I knew I wanted/needed one. I used it everywhere I went (although I didn't make it to the Ganges to do the ultimate drinking test!) I stayed healthy through my whole trip, filling up from any water source I had, whether that be public toilet taps, fountains, streams and even left it out during the monsoon rain. Even now being back on UK soil I don't go anywhere without it, before I would buy a bottle of mineral water per day, and if I didn't drink it all then it wouldn't taste fresh the next day (especially in room temp, which is the way I like my water). But now the water from my Water-to-Go bottle tastes fresh all of the time and its nothing but good clean H20! (The photo is of me on a long bus journey en route to Jaipur after filling up from a public toilet; sounds gross, but it tasted lovely). I cannot recommend it highly enough, for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Andréa Christofides

Extra bottles for the family

Having spent most of my working life in the waste industry I am more than aware of the risk of waterborne viruses and infections. That’s why, when I heard about Water-to-Go on the radio and its claims, I took a punt and decided to give it a go. The results I must say are impressive. Even though in the UK we have the privilege of some of the safest drinking water in the world, it still contains elements I would rather it didn’t and I have noticed the taste is improved significantly. So it’s no surprise that when we booked our summer holiday to Spain I bought extra bottles for my family so that they too could enjoy the benefits of clean healthy water from any tap we passed without the risk of stomach troubles or the expense and concern of buying bottled water abroad. Water-to-Go to me is water as nature intended, clean healthy and safe

Simon Mosley & Family

Perfect for boating

I heard about this on the Simon Mayo show and was so impressed I went straight to the website to find out more. After watching the various 'you tube' clips, I read the testimonials from other users of the product and realised this is just what I need to use on my Narrowboat. My boat has a 50 gallon water tank which feeds water through the taps for domestic use but I'm reluctant to drink from it for fear of contamination from filling hosepipes etc, so I have bought one of these bottles, rather than take 25 litre bottles of water from home when I go boating. I have to say, I'm impressed. The bottle itself is ergonomically shaped making it pleasant to hold. The air inlet filter means that you don't have to squeeze the bottle to get the water out. Being a dark colour and thick plastic construction, it tends to keep cold water colder for longer than other water bottles i've tried. The 'flip up' mouthpiece is easy to use thanks to a clever lever and it is a comfortable shape to drink from.

Nicky Spencer

Who needs to buy bottled mineral water?

Water-to-Go is a fantastic product for people from all backgrounds whether you are a sports enthusiast, athlete, office worker or keen walker! Great tasting filtered water every time saves me a fortune on bottled water. Not only do I save Money with my Water-to-Go bottle but I also save space as I can easily pop it into my bag empty and fill it up anywhere! If you love to have fresh great tasting water on the go then you need Water-to-Go!

Charlotte Jones

Canoeing the Yukon

In 2011,four of us travelled 500 miles down the Yukon river to raise money for charity. The biggest problem we faced was drinking water, we carried 2x 25 gallon one in each boat but we had to boil the water before use, we looked at many water purification methods but were either to expensive or not suitable. Canoeing the Yukon One night on the way home from work I was listening to radio 2 and heard the interview about Water-to-Go... WOW what a great product! It ticks all the boxes. Me and my friends do a lot of mountain walking/climbing we also do a lot of canoeing and anything to do with the outdoors and we drink A LOT of water! This bottle is lightweight reusable, cheap and with the filters treating 200 litres… well its just fantastic!!! Next year we will be canoeing 2000 miles of the Yukon and Water-to-Go will be with us all the way!

Jay Ratchford

Drinking from the Danube River

Drinking brackish Danube River water and it tasted fantastic!

Elliot Neep

Convenient Water in the Wilderness

Safe drinking water is an absolute must travelling long distance in areas of the wilderness when water is scarce and bottled water is unavailable. Water-to-Go bottle assures me with instant convenient access to water for both drinking and cooking on my worldwide expedition. Buying bottled water has now become redundant – some thing I've been reluctant to do unless absolutely necessary. The bottle is strong, durable and will not degrade giving me confidence of use for many years to come with its replaceable filter system. Unbelievably simple in operation it allows me to get on with my journey with minimal fuss!

Luke Parry

Water from the Candian Rockies

I took my Water-to-Go bottle across the Canadian Rockies and America and it saved me a pile of money. At Heathrow a small bottle of water from a vending machine was £1.75!!! Canadian stream water and San Francisco tap water never tasted so good.

Peter Vezey

Better than Vodka

Purchased on a whim the week I left for a long-awaited trip to Kyrgyzstan, Water-to-Go's product turned out to be a very good buy. Much as I love that part of the world, Central Asia isn't exactly renowned for the quality of its drinking water; and plumbing is far from universal. Vodka is available pretty much everywhere, but bottled water can be hard to find in many areas. Safe, sober hydration can sometimes be a problem. Having experienced the joys of giardia while travelling in Tajikistan (great for weight loss, otherwise quite unpleasant), I decided it might be a good idea to buy a water filter. Water-to-Go's bottle seemed to do the job it was designed for, and to do it well. Wherever there was tap water available, I drank it. Whenever I was thirsty and in the vicinity of a stream or lake, I used water from those natural sources and drank it through Water-to-Go's filter. There was no unpleasant, plasticky aftertaste which I've found can sometimes occur from drinking out of a bottle, neither did I pick up any nasty water-borne viruses. The bottle's sleeve made it easy to grip (I've since carried it while running without it ever slipping out of my hand), and it's solid enough that having it fall from an outer backpack pocket was never a problem. Easy to clean, easy to hold, and easy to drink from. If wanting to avoid a nasty surprise when drinking water abroad, or to feel more secure when taking water from natural sources, I'd definitely recommend getting hold of a Water-to-Go product. It ticks all the boxes for those needing a reliable water bottle for their travels

Ben Scott

Cycling London to Bangladesh

This June we're setting off on a cycle expedition from London to Bangladesh and making sure we have safe drinking water is a major issue for much of the route. We looked at various solutions and the Water-to-Go bottles seemed like the best option all round. They'll give us total peace of mind and mean we can get great tasting water from virtually any source. What's also great is that we'll be able to drink the water instantly rather than waiting for purification tablets which will be vital as we'll need to be constantly hydrated.

Luke and Tom

Scouting around the world

My Water-to-Go bottle is easily one of the best £20-something I've ever spent. It's lightweight, comfy to hold and can safely filter an awful lot of water! It's tempting to go with something bigger, heavier, flashier and seemingly more high-tech, but it is lighter and more functional than most filters and, unlike something like a Steripen, I don't have do drink dead bacteria! Mine is coming with me when I go off walking in the Pyrenees, and I wouldn't be without it in trips to Africa, Asia and South America. I can't recommend it highly enough!

James Douglas

Hiking in Yorkshire

I used the Water-to-Go system on a recent two day hike though North Yorkshires National park. I re-filled every day from various sources including a farm tap, taps in the public toilet, a flowing section of the river Esk and a waterfall near Kildale. The water was clean and tasted great in all cases. This is the first time I have used such a bottle but definitely will be taking it on every future trip

Danny Todd

Beating the competition

I'm taking a bit of a 'gap year' during which I'm doing my best to make up for all the holidays I've never taken! I've been doing a fair bit of running, mountain biking and entering lots of adventure races. Rather than running with a whole day's worth of fresh drinking water, competitors try to find streams to drink from. It'll be nice to have peace of mind that my water will be safe to drink using the Water-to-Go bottle!

Campbell Walsh

A clean water source in the hills

I am a Yorkshireman living in London that has always had an active lifestyle. I have run for many years and in recent years have participated in numerous adventure races, off road events, mountain marathons and ultra marathons. Being able to find a clean water source in the hills has necessitated carrying litres of clean water with me but with the 'Water-to-Go' bottle i am now able to 'scoop and go' and only carry what I need, which is a great luxury when on ultra events every extra kilo counts as time lost! The majority of my time however is spent living and working in East London where my bottle gets daily use to filter out all the chemicals still in the local water supply after numerous rounds of recycling and treatment. It has enabled me to drink filtered water all day every day, wherever I am!

Rob Parfrey

Free running water

I find the Water-to-Go bottle a very clever design, not only does it look good but it works. Since receiving the clever piece of kit I have pretty much used it since day 1, while out in LA it came really handy when we were far from any shops. Also apart from the amazing filtering system it can also be used as a good looking ordinary water bottle.

James Harkness

Unsupported coast-to-coast trek Costa Rica

We have just returned from a gruelling 10 day unsupported trek from the West to the East Coast of Costa Rica. We were using Water-to-Go bottles and thought they were brilliant. It was great being able to pull water from a stream and drink it straight away rather than have to wait 1/2 an hour for a purification tablet to take effect. The water also tasted like it should and didn’t have the chlorinated taste that often comes with purification tablets. I would highly recommend the Water-to-Go bottles to anyone going on expedition, or even travelling, in areas where the drinking water might cause illness, the bottles are a great easy to use solution that really work.

John & Hayley- Anne Cecil- Wright

HELPING charity work in Gambia

I have been involved with a charity name Helping (Help for Education and speciaL Projects IN the Gambia)for well over 10 years where I have been sponsoring a child named Ebrima. Having turned 50 recently I made a promise to go over to The Gambia and meet the then 10 year old child but now 21 year young man. As a regular user of the Water-to-Go Bottle, it was a must for me to bring with me on my trip. We take for granted and have no idea how important water is as a commodity in Africa, and having been a user of the Water-to-Go Bottle for some time I have total peace of mind in knowing that I am avoiding water borne-diseases and am not limited by the amount of water I can take on board. HELPING GambiaI went from Banjul and travelled across the ferry on the North Bank to Barra and from there travelled to Pakau and the compound where Ebrima and his family live. I had some of the Helping team bring me to their local water source they all use. I was told by my guides that I would be ill if I drank from the Well, as unlike the locals we are not accustomed and hardened to this water source so and was happy to use my trusted Water-to-Go Bottle. On a personal note I use the bottle on the go all the time, at work where the water is very cloudy, at my local Gym and whenever I take my border collie on a long walk and it is the first thing I pack in the suitcase when I go travelling. The Key to me is the filter, the design and technology that has gone into the Water-to-Go Bottle ensures that whatever suspect water source I drink from, I will consume 100% clear drink water!

John Mullin

Securing water off the beaten track

I carry on mission all over the world for my job, which involves auditing difficult places where companies want to install facilities. I do a lot of traveling off the beaten track in South America and Africa. Everywhere I go, I don't forget to bring my Water-to-Go bottle with me, since drinking the local water directly is out of the question and finding bottle water is often such a hassle. I am really relieved to have dealt with this question once and for all, and not to be continuously thinking about finding clear water anymore. I got if off my mind thanks to the Water-to-Go bottle, so I can focus on my work instead

Louis Bernard

Helping children in Gambia

This is a note to say thank you immensely for the pledge you have made to help Child Aid Gambia from this year onwards. In providing us with the money to build clean and safe water wells in remote areas of the Gambia, you are doing the children of the Gambia and their families a huge, huge favour. Water-borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery kill thousands of children in West Africa every year, and the worst part is that they are entirely preventable. Providing villages and communities with clean drinking water saves lives and protects future generations of Gambian people from such horrific illnesses. All of the team will continue to use our Water-to-Go bottles on our trips!.

Katy Roberts

Essential Travel Kit for Taekwondo Champion

The Water-to-Go bottle is such a great idea and a essential bit of my kit now. I travel all over the world for training camps and competitions and some of the places we go we can't trust the water in case we get ill. With the Water-to-Go filter you know where ever you are in the world and what ever goes in to your bottle, it is going to come out 100% clean water.

Martin Stamper

Staying healthy, working in Africa

I travel regularly to Africa, and in particular to countries where basic utilities are non-existent. My purpose is to give seminars on ethical leadership and anti-corruption. I therefore need to be fully fit, and due to the temperature and speaking for several hours require copious amounts of water. It is very important that I drink water that can be relied upon to be safe. Having a Water-to-Go bottle is so reassuring and I do not have to limit my intake of water knowing that all I need is any supply of water. I do not have a choice about water, unlike food which I can pick and choose

Richard Wiggins

Cleaning up London Tap Water

I never thought I’d use a water bottle to filter my water at home until I tried Water-to-Go, but now can’t drink London tap water without it! You can really taste the difference, it is so much better! I also now use it at work, and my children use them for school. Cycling to work or 5 aside, it’s great to know that you are getting clean chemical-free water, and can fill up from the washroom, so I’m saving a bundle on bottled water, and reducing plastic waste. Great idea, great product!

Jonathon Buckley-Bunn

Perfect for the office

I was at first skeptical about the Water-to-Go bottle as I already was in possession of a competitor’s product and felt that was adequate.However, since switching to the Water-to-Go bottle there has been no looking back. Not only is the filtration system more advanced offering for better hygiene and taste when using the bottle I found the design, shape, and build of the product very strong. Perfect for office use as our tap water in the building runs cloudy. The durable bottle also means it is perfect for when I go to the gym during my lunch break. My office is now looking into personalizing the bottle and ordering some for the entire office.

Declan Selbo

Peace of mind

Having lived in Ghana, I understand and value the importance of clean drinking water. Water-to-Go and its filter water bottle system provides an essential, handy and effective way to consume water without worrying about the quality. I have had their water bottle for nearly 3 months now and I cannot recall a day that I have not used it, be it at the gym, football or even in the office. I have peace of mind in drinking any water from any source as long as I have my Water-to-Go bottle.

Norbert Asenso

In shape for the London Marathon

Having used the Water-to-Go bottle I have been really impressed. It is a great shape and I like the indentation in the bottle as it makes it much easier to grip. This bottle is easy to open and does not leak. It is great that you can also remove the very effective filter and use it as a drinking bottle for drinks other than water making it very flexible, especially as it means I do not need to have more than one bottle. All in all, I shall definitely be recommending Water-to-Go to my friends and colleagues.

Claire Bolton

Four Awsome Reasons

Hi Guys! I have decided to root for Water-to-Go for several awesome reasons... Awesome Reason 1. When I went Amsterdam I was Shocked how much they charge for water, and surprisingly even though there is a Canal or small river in every direction.. Tap water is rarer Than a mint condition, Shiny Naruto -Konoha Headband being found discarded on the floor of an anime convention. This made me remark to one shop owner to give me a Glass and I shall go out a scoop up some water from the Canal adjacent, he remarked that it is not advisable and I would most likely get ill. Awesome Reason 2. The bottle looks cool. Awesome Reason 3. I look cool, holding the bottle that looks cool and that makes me super cool. Awesome reason 4 it is cheap, easy to maintain, clean and carry around. It is also Impact durable as I have tested by accident... whoops ;-)

Gary 'Surreal' Lawrence

Avoiding Eczema

I seem to experience eczema on my hand whenever I drink tap water, and so for the last, I don’t know how many years, I have had to resort to buying bottled water (if drinking it pure). I thought I would try Water-to-Go bottle as it offers a very convenient alternative to bottled water when I am out and about, as in theory I can refill anywhere, instead of having to constantly buy bottled water – which can work out quite expensive. I have been using the bottle for the last couple of weeks when I go to evening rehearsals with my local Am-Dram group and have not experienced any of the dreaded eczema appear on my hand which would usually appear when filling a bottle from the tap – and what’s better when I finish the bottle I can refill it! Which is a luxury for me. For me it works! Thank you.

Katie Kitson

Team GB enjoying the water in Murcia

This photo is taken in Murcia, Spain, where we are currently doing our Team GB winter training camps. It is the new women's skiff class for Rio 2106. As you can see the boat isn't as stable as other dingy sail boats so requires a lot of agility but means we go a lot faster!! At the moment our main focus is to get the hours on the water before the competition season starts at the end of March. The boat is physical so requires a lot of drinking to stay hydrated and the Water-to-Go bottle is very handy!



Having our bottle with us all the time meant we were able to keep topped up wit water wherever we went, including the Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta and even in the airport lounges. We were so impressed we thought we'd send you a picture of the bottle from Botswana

Jean & Paul

Steve Brown, captain of the GB Wheelchair Rugby team

I’m over in Canada at the moment with the squad in our last comp before the games. It’s the same 8 teams as we have in the paralympics so a lot to learn! All is well – I’ve been using the ‘Water-to-Go’ bottle everywhere. Brilliant!

Steve Brown


As a canoe slalom athlete, I travel the world for competitions and training camps. Good hydration is key for performance and recovery. The Water-to-Go bottle is super convenient in that I can easily fill it from the tap, and with the special filter, I have 100% confidence that it is safe to drink. I can even scoop the river water if my bottle needs a re-fill during training!

Campbell Walsh


Although not an ‘exotic’ destination the water in the Lake District is very soft and myself and Lynn have had unpleasant reactions to drinking tap water there. We have been visiting The Lakes as a sixsome since 2007 and Lynn and I have had to resort to drinking bottled water. Not only that but I do tend to dehydrate very quickly resulting in headaches. This year however I had an alternative solution, the Water –to – go bottle. Each morning I was able to confidently fill the bottle from the stream which runs past the hotel; sipping from it regularly on our many walks – no headaches, even though the temperature was unseasonally high and the water tasted good too - cool and fresh all day.

Tony & Lyn


We were very aware that sickness from water could have ruined this trip. Although the water was allegedly safe to drink in Panama City, it tasted of chemicals and we weren’t sure about it. Having Water-to-Go meant we could pack the bottles with ice from our room, add tap water and have nice-tasting cold water that we felt confident about drinking. Water bottle in Boquete, PanamaStarting in Panama City, the intrepid couple travelled down the Panama Canal and then moved on to Boquete in the mountain highlands, staying on a coffee plantation near the border with Costa Rica. In many places water supplies can be unreliable. "The water was unsafe to drink in a number of the places we visited, so our Water-to-Go bottles were invaluable. The poor quality of the water, combined with temperatures in the 80s and high humidity, meant we could have struggled to stay safely hydrated without them. Driving across to the Caribbean coast, the couple then chilled out on the island of Bocas Del Toro, returning to Panama City after a few days so they could take some trips into the rainforest. Water-to-Go made a big difference to us on this trip.Even when told the water was safe, we might have reverted to bottled water, but instead we were able to rely on the Water-to-Go bottle. It gave us complete peace of mind in avoiding dangerous water-borne bugs.

Adam & Jill

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