Perfect for everyday use, Water-to-Go will protect your health, wallet and the planet!

Will it improve my tap water?

Yes, It will remove over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants + Chlorine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals such as Copper, Lead + the bad smell and taste.

Will it improve my health and wellbeing?

Yes, it allows you to stay hydrated wherever you are. Water-to-Go will remove the harmful contaminants but leave the healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Are the bottles BPA Free?

Yes, all materials used are BPA Free and safe to use.

Will it save me money?

Yes, using Water-to-Go means that you never have to waste money on bottled water again. Simply fill up and GO! for less than 5p per litre.

Is it safe to use when Pregnant?

Yes, Water-to-Go will remove any harmful contaminants from your water and leave the healthy minerals that your baby needs.

Is it safe from any tap?

Yes, you can fill up from any fresh water source including shared water fountains, toilets taps and even streams!

Is this good for commuting?

Yes, never waste money on bottled water. Stay hydrated, wherever your journey takes you.

Is it good for sport/gym?

Yes, cuts out any danger from shared water sources and keeps you hydrated at all times.

  • sophiedubustestimonialI’ve always been told off for not drinking enough water, but having a Water-to-Go bottle coupled with an app to effectively tell me off every 90 minutes has really helped me change that! I was so happy when I came across Water-to-Go as I’m always harping on about people going through stupid amounts of plastic bottles. I’m always on the go so a need a refillable bottle and I did have a different brand but I travel abroad a lot and can’t use it in many countries. Due to the filtration system in Water-to-Go it’s perfect for me to take anywhere in the world. I’m off out to Uganda soon so I’ll definitely be using it there, and look forward to taking it to Thailand with me later in the year. I’m lucky that most places I travel to have easy access to clean water but I really hate the plastic waste, so much so that it probably discourages me from drinking water which I’m bad at already! I also love the shape of the GO! Bottles as it’s much better for my little girlie hands and even easy to hold on to when I go out running.

    Sophie Dubus

  • garyoldfieldtestimonialI used the bottle for 3 months almost exclusively whilst in India, filling up from stand pipes, hotel bathrooms and on a couple of occasions from mountain streams. There were two of us using the bottle and this was without any ill effects on either of us for the whole time we were in India. At one point as we were walking past a beach bungalow I asked the occupant (a German lady) if I could fill up my bottle from her tap. She couldn’t believe we were going to drink from the bottle… she took a photo and was going to buy one on her return home. This is the best thing to happen to independent travellers since the Internet. Whether I’m walking in the Northumberland hills or camel trekking in northern India this little water bottle will always be with me. An absolute fantastic and totally indispensable piece of kit for the discerning traveller.

    Gary Oldfield

  • mikejowitttestimonialRecently a friend and I undertook a 2 day hike around hilly Perthshire in Scotland. The route we took was the mini cateran trail which is a 20mile loop taking in some of the best scenery of Scotland from snow capped peaks to ruined shieldings and everything in between with a recommendation of taking 2 days to complete it. We were planning to wild camp along the route so weight considerations were definitely on our mind. With already big bags filled with sleeping kit, warm kit, wet kit, emergency kit and food to keep us going for 2 days we didn’t really want to take an extra 4kgs/4l each of water for the trip and neither of us are keen on the taste of purification tablets. The Water-to-Go bottle was the perfect solution with plenty of melt water in the burns and rivers, we were able to fill it up as we went and the lighter packs certainly made the hike more enjoyable. Additionally I had a query about the bottle, which was answered by the Water-to-Go team in record time (under 100mins). Great product and great service.

    Mike Jowitt

  • patriciacreolatestimonialI am a yoga teacher in London and am in love with my Water-to-Go bottle! I couldn’t imagine being without it. Especially on my teaching days when I go from one class to the other, which means from one location to another, I am so happy to just fill my bottle with tap water from the changing room and off I am with fresh and free water. It’s not only convenient but also saves me a lot of money. Drinking enough good water is so important and with the Water-to-Go bottle this becomes much easier as the filter does an amazing job leaving me with high quality water with every sip I take. In order to not carry too heavy, I only fill as much water into the bottle as I need to get to the next place and then refill for the next stretch. Really love it!

    Patricia Creola

  • gillrousetestimonialWhen I go abroad for business or on holiday, I had got into a routine at the airport of going to buy water as soon as I had exited from security. I usually buy 2 bottles, (because they are a better deal!) and do the same on the way back. Recently, I was working in Amsterdam every week for a few months and ran up quite a considerable bill on ‘airport water’. On my most recent trip abroad, I was fortunate enough to be going on holiday to Spain on a DIY fitness break. I took a Water-to-Go with me and as soon as I’d been through security, I filled up my bottle from the taps in the Ladies. I filled it up again just before I went to the gate, so I’d already saved a few quid at the airport. When I landed in Spain, you’ve guessed it, I filled up at the airport and then again as soon as I got to my apartment. After another refill whilst out walking and exploring the area, and another from the tap in the apartment before bed, I reckon I’d saved around £6 to £8 in bottled water on day 1! I continued to use the bottle throughout the holiday, including taking it to the gym every day and of course, used it again on the trip home. I easily covered the cost of the bottle in savings on bottled water during a 1 week holiday and am continuing to use the bottle, ‘for free’ since I came back. Water-to-Go is the future and I’m sure our children’s kids will be horrified by the environmental damage done by this generation of plastic water bottle guzzlers!”

    Gill Rouse

  • jjyoshtestimonialWater-to-Go is the only water bottle that you will want to take with you everywhere, providing clean water no mater where you go. As an avid runner and adventurer I like everything to be lightweight, fast, and efficient. Water-to-Go allows me to be a minimalist by filtering water as I exercise as opposed to carrying all the water i’ll need for a day or weekend excursion. It’s great because I can be lightweight and still be secure knowing that I won’t run out of water. Speaking from personal experience I know what it is like to run out of water on the trail and even worse to get sick from the water from the streams. A harmless daytime excursion can end up becoming a total nightmare without the proper hydration. Water-to-Go seamlessly solves this by providing water filtration as I drink. Compared to other filters, filtering water can take 20 minutes or longer, but with Water-to-Go, you fill it up, put on the lid, and instantly drink clean water. I think this is why I really love Water-to-Go as its easy and quick. The beauty of traveling to foreign countries and never having to worry about the tap water – Just fill it up, close the lid, and viola clean refreshing water. It really can’t get easier.

    JJ Yosh

  • patgarveytestimonialI use it in the house, I use it when I’m out for the day, when I’m in the studio, my daughter can use it & I know she’s drinking safe filtered water, where ever we are – I use it anywhere, & buying bottled water is a thing of the past. Where it’s really made a difference is when I’m on tour or on the road; I can fill up from anywhere & in countries where you wouldn’t go anywhere near tap water I don’t have that problem. It’s the best product out there of it’s kind, nothing else even comes close and I know because I’ve tried them all.

    Pat Garvey

  • stuartmorgantestimonialWe were first made aware of these bottles several years ago and thank god we were! We’ve used them in numerous places around the world, from Ushuaia in Argentina to San Salvador in El Salvador and everywhere in between. We would now not be without one of these in our bags, whether it be just going to the airport (Filing the bottle’s from the toilet taps) or going hiking in Snowdonia it is highly recommended you get one of these (Or even 2 as we have both the GO! and the 75cl bottle) covering us for any occasion. It’s so much easier than messing around with chlorine tablets, UV pen’s etc and they leave a horrible after taste. These work wonders, they truly are amazing not once have we had an upset stomach from water drunk through the bottle. Not the mention the amount of plastic saved through using these bottles and not wasting 100’s, if not 1000’s of empty plastic bottles. Water-to-Go is the best water bottle on the market bar none!!!!

    Stuart & Naomi Morgan

  • jamessmithtestimonialI took delivery of a Water-to-Go Bottle several weeks ago, and the first thing that I noticed was its handy size – being about the same size as a sports bottle, the bottle was a lot lighter than I expected it to be, with it having a “filter” inside I expected it to be much heavier. The reason for my interest in this gadget it simple, I am an Angler, Wildlife Photographer and Climber so naturally spend a lot of time in the outdoors and I am never far away from water. If I am fishing or out with the camera I normally take a 10 litre water bottle or If I am climbing several 2 litre bottles of water in my rucksack but as you would expect the weight is a problem, and if I want to stay longer or run out of water then I am limited to what I can do or would have to go and find supplies. I hoped the Water-to-Go would solve this problem! I decided to try it out whilst on a few Barbel Fishing sessions this week after work, and after seeing the colour of the chocolate brown Ouse I have to admit being slightly hesitant! However, after giving myself a stern talking to I unscrewed the lid and simply filled the bottle which couldn’t of been easier, screwed the lid back on and took a deep breath then had a good swig of the River Ouse, it wasn’t what I expected at all and was quite tasty! Several more gallons of the Ouse found there way into my bottle over the next few nights, I am hooked – what a fantastic invention!! I am won over to this bottle now, it has found a permanent home in my rucksack – gone are the days of having to cart around giant water bottles that weigh a tonne! My advice is simple, if you are an outdoor person you cannot be without this product!

    James Smith

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