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Travel with your own water purification system

water filter bottle for cyclingPesticides & chemicals in tap water

"I do not exaggerate when I say that my Water-to-Go bottles have transformed my life - such a dramatic improvement. I suffer from severe chemical allergies - particularly pesticides - and am therefore unable to drink any water other than one brand of bottled Scottish mineral water. I do own a distiller but as I travel a lot this is not practical. I have lived with the constant fear of not being able..."

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portable water filter for safe hydration mountain climbingMove over bottled water...

" I thought quite hard about buying a Water-to-Go bottle as I wondered if it was overkill but as soon as I landed after a long dehydrating flight and had instant access to water I was very grateful for it. There are the obvious reasons for not buying bottled water: adding to the plastic in the world - and I’d say after a month that I’ve probably already made my money back, but there are health reasons to..."

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