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Our 3 in 1 filter delivers safe drinking water anywhere

new 50cl Go! bottle details 50cl Go! bottle
Water-to-Go 75cl bottle
lightweight angling Loving the new GO! bottles...

""My husband and I were at the Olympia Baby Show when we came across the GO! bottles. We have always been keen water drinkers and guzzle up to 3 litres each per day. At the time we were using Bobble bottles which I stopped using due to the poor flow and found it to difficult to get..."

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is the tap water safe in peruSafe water in Peru...

"Like most students I decided to go travelling and see a bit of the world after I graduated. The smartest thing I did on my trip to Peru was taking a Water-to-Go bottle. Not only did it allow me to drink the local water (saving me a fortune on bottled water) but it was also..."

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